2019 June 1st (Sat) - 2nd (Sun)

Hibiya Park

An unprecedented
“Borderless music festival free to
one and all”
by everyone, at Hibiya.



Hibiya Music Festival (HMF) is
a borderless music festival free to one and all.

What kind of
music festival HMF aims to be:

HMF is free of charge. Whether it’s watching the live performances, or taking part in the workshops, everyone will be able to find their joy. “Free” at HMF means: free of charge, free choice of experience, and free of divisions
(sexual, nationality, generational, economical, and musical).
Embracing All Generations
HMF is a festival where all generations can come together to enjoy music.
Discovering music outside of your generation, or connecting with other generations through music, is what HMF aims to encourage through a diverse showcase of music genres for visitors across generations.
For Budding Musicians
HMF will offer children not only the performances of accomplished artists, but also a chance to actually touch real instruments. This memorable experience should help children develop their own affiliation to and affection for music which will last a lifetime.
Supporting the Cycle of Music
HMF hopes to be the catalyst for diverse musical experiences. Those experiences will increase interest in and spending on music. And that spending will help create new music. Then those who were touched by this new music will deepen their interest even further. In this way, HMF aims to facilitate a positive circulation of music creation.
From Tokyo to All Over Japan
HMF looks to energize Tokyo, the host of 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, which in turn will empower every corner of Japan through music.

About Hibiya Park

The grounds, used to house the mansions of feudal lords in the Edo era, were cultivated as Japan’s first modern western style park during the Meiji Era.

Hibiya Public Hall has hosted numerous world-renowned musicians since its opening 90 years ago. The Park is also home to the small music stage, which was built as Japan’s first outdoor music hall 114 years ago, and the large music stage known as the Yaon which has been witness to countless legends of the arts.

Hibiya park, with these monumental music stages, has always been at the center of Japan’s modern music scene.

A crossroad of greenery, people, music and history, Hibiya Park is known as the Central Park of the internationally acclaimed city of Tokyo.

By fully utilizing Hibiya Park’s resources for the music festival, HMF aims to further enhance the charm of the park and its neighboring area.

Message from Seiji Kameda

Natural disasters such as typhoons and torrential rain continue to haunt Japan even after the 2011 earthquake. Aside from natural disasters, there is also a lot of uncertainty in world affairs at the moment.

In times like this, I believe music has the power to heal and overcome adversity and generate hope.

On the other hand, there are also issues within the music industry. With the advancement of the internet, the way people listen to music has changed. Income from music sales is sharply declining, provoking changes at the music production level.

I’ve been contemplating what I could do as an individual musician to pass on the splendor of live music to children who will be carrying our future. The answer was to produce a borderless music festival that all generations could enjoy for free.

My goal is to create a venue where people can casually come in contact with various elements of music, and then those who have then been touched by the experience can continue to explore more into the music world. To present a very real impetus to interact with music is what I wish for HMF.

A boost in supporters of music is essential in order to carry music creation into the future. It is my hope that together with corporations, individuals and everyone’s help, we can start spinning the wheel of music creation again.

I am aware that conceiving and creating Japan’s first music festival “by the people, for the people” is an enormous challenge; therefore, I sincerely ask for your kindest support.

Seiji Kameda
(Executive Producer of HMF, Music Producer, Bassist)


Please check the ARTIST page(in Japanese)


Hibiya Large Concert

Special concerts of The Music Park Orchestra
and diverse musicians.
※ a free-admission pass is required

Musication Village -

Hibiya Library
Convention Hall

Talk show, workshops.

Musication Village -

Hibiya Library Small Hall

Music workshops, record concerts.

Grass Field

Kids music workshops,
Family karaoke,
kids playground.

Elm-tree Field

Music market
(Instruments touch and try,
demonstration concert,

Second Flower Garden

Acoustic concerts, picnic space.

Large Fountain

Picnic foods and drinks,
various booth exhibitions.

Hibiya Small Concert

Performances by brass bands,
traditional Japanese
instruments, opera.

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya,
Park view garden

Satellite stage.

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya,
Step open space

Satellite stage.


HMF is admission-free. However, the Hibiya Dream Sessions at the YAON stage (Large hall),
will require a (free) admission pass due to limited seating. For more details on obtaining the pass, please check the TICKET page (in Japanese).